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View of San Francisco and the bay.
The image above is the San Francisco skyline from a live camera made by StarDot Technologies.

The image is updated about once a minute from 5 am to ~10 pm Pacific Time. (The night stays pretty constant.) Of course here in the San Francisco Bay Area we get fog. So if the image is black, grey, or white but the date and time are correct (GMT -8 hours), the weather or light conditions may be the problem.
At night you should see some lights in the city.
Check the Fog Free Pics page for previous images when foggy, and check back later for the real thing.
WebMarin is Located in Sausalito, California. For more about Sausalito look here. [Map it] [See a satellite image

The camera is the new NetCam XL, a 3 megapixel beauty, made and sold by StarDot Technologies, (tell them I sent you!) and is located about 900' above sea level.